The Arts and Sports Trust Grant-making policy.

We work on the basis of two grant-making periods per year

Our timetable for our grant- making is as follows:-

Grant Cycle

 We approve and award grants twice per year. Our time-table is as follows:-

April 1st -                   We start accepting applications for summer grants

September 30th          We close the list of applications for summer grants

October 1st -              We start accepting applications for winter grants

March 31st -              We close the list of applications for winter grants


In each case, please expect the approval and notification process to take about ten weeks from the end of the period.

 Please note that detailed applications must be received by us on or before September 30th or March 31st in order for us to include it in our evaluation process for that period.

The candidate must be 18 or under on the last day of the period in which the application is received.

We will consider grant requests of any value between £500 and £5,000

Applicants can specify on the grant application form what size of grant is being requested. On the more detailed Application, we will expect to see a breakdown of why that size grant has been requested, and how it will be utilised.

We believe that this scheme gives applicants and their host Organisations plenty of time to prepare their applications. We also hope that the timetable will deliver grants to successful applicants at the time that they most need the funds.