The Arts & Sports Trust is a small, family-run Trust.

It was founded in 2003 with initial funding from the family.

The idea came from the experiences of the family in pursuing the interests of their children. The daughter was a keen and talented dancer from the age of three. It became apparent as she entered her teens that there was a real possibility of her going to professional Ballet School.

The family already had experience of the cost of lessons and equipment such as pointe shoes. The costs of Ballet school were very high. The family realised that these expenses could be a very considerable barrier to families on limited incomes.

The son was a footballer from an early age, and chose the position of Goalkeeper. This necessitated a constant supply of new boots, Goal-keeper gloves and shin pads. Again, the cost of buying high-quality equipment was very high. He went to Specialist Summer schools for Goalkeepers, and again the fees were considerable. Both children benefited enormously from their experiences in their chosen fields of activity.

The parents therefore decided that they would see if they could help young, talented people in the field of Arts and Sports who had the talent, drive and ambition to succeed in their chosen field, but were lacking the financial resources to pay for the specialist education, training and equipment required.

Thus was borne the Arts & Sports Trust.