Past Recipients.

Below is a list of some of the past grant recipients of Arts & Sports Trust since 2006."

Please click on the appropriate year to open up a list of the recipients for that year.

Past Recipients.

Below is a list of some of the past grant recipients of Arts & Sports Trust since 2006."

Please click on the appropriate year to open up a list of the recipients for that year.


2019 was an outstanding year for us as was the quality of the applicants that our wonderful Arts and Sports Organisations chose to put forward. We tried, wherever possible, to recognise the talent of our wonderful candidates by assigning a grant, even if it was not quite the amount that they were looking for. Even with this strategy, there were those who, regretfully, we had to turn down, but this in no way diminishes the achievements that made them worthy of nomination by their host Organisations. We salute you all and wish you every success in your chosen fields.

Here are some details of this year’s successful candidates.

Cameron-James Bailey impressed us all with his attitude and his determination to succeed in Classical Ballet and Professional dance despite setbacks. His talent and commitment shines through, but we also noted his humanity and compassion. He is a very special person and we are very honoured to be able to support him.

It is wonderful that Alana Middleton has found a sport and a hobby in Kayak Canoe that she loves and in which she excels. She should determine to be the very best that she can be in her chosen sport, and watch the others trail in her wake.

The open water challenges Finley Croome in Canoe Slalom, and he must respond by beating the water every time, and becoming the best that he can be.

We are happy that Katie Greaves has found a sport in Kayak and White Water Canoe that suits her and challenges her. She should make the most of her opportunities ,and be the best that she can be, both in her sport and in the rest of her life.

Homework Vs Canoeing-- we can see that Harry Kirby understands the importance of balancing his commitment to his chosen sport with his other life commitments. He should strive to be the best he can be in all aspects of his life, and we hope that his coaching aspirations allow him to inspire others as he inspires us.

We only hope that our addition to Trezeguet Taylor’s growing list of those who admire and respect her dedication and achievements to her Track and Field Athletics will show her that her dream to represent her country at the Olympics is within her reach. We hope that she continues on her path and makes it happen.

Daniel Afolabi’s Athletics ambitions and achievements speak for themselves, but he must continue to work with his coaches to ensure that he achieves peak performance and does not over-reach himself. His drive and his own commitment will then show the way.

Marcus Maclean need not worry about other athletes in his field of Athletics. He must aim to be the very best that he can be, and just watch the others drop behind him. Then, one day, he can coach others to realise their full potential as well.

Jerel Livingston has impressed us with his dedication and application to his Athletics Track and Field Events, despite a busy school life. His work / life balance will help him to achieve greatness in his chosen sports and all that he strives to achieve.

Halle Ferguson’s dedication to her Athletics shines through, as she travels many times a week to receive the best training. This has paid off handsomely as she now starts to see results that promise a bright future for her. We are very proud to be able to support Halle.

Alfie Boote has overcome many physical and other challenges to achieve impressive results in his chosen sport of Canoe Slalom. Alfie shows us that anyone can achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality if they are prepared to put in what it takes to make them so. We can all learn so much from Alfie's example.

Jay, Jobarte has shown great courage and resourcefulness to pursue his passion for Dance and Theatre Performance. He has raised his head above the noise of stereotype and determined to pursue his dream of a career in Dance and Theatre. Jay shows us how grace and determination win the day.


Another year, and another batch of outstanding candidates to select. As ever, it was no easy task to pick out the most deserving applicants from the many that we received. To those who we had to refuse, we say “Keep on with your dreams and you will succeed. The fact that your host Organisation considered you worthy to be put forward speaks volumes about your qualities and abilities. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and keep reaching for the stars.”

Maisy Steggles says that that her favourite dance is 'Tap', and that she wants to be famous at dancing. She is young and the whole world is before her. She must believe in herself, work hard at what she loves and make her dreams come true.

Liani Samuel has committed herself to the study and practice of performing arts from an early age. Her talent and skill have clearly been recognised already. She should complete her education in performing arts and go on to delight us all with her performances.

Aaron Wood shows us all the way with his commitment to hard work, dedication and the will to do what it takes to make his dreams a reality. His future studies at a premier Conservatoire will round him off as a performer and launch him on what will, no doubt, be a successful career in the Theatre.

Kurts Adams Rozentals is already recognised as a potential competitor in Canoe Slalom at National and International level. His cool head and measured approach to his races have brought success and the promise of future titles. He deserves the very best of equipment to support his efforts.

"You were born to be on-Stage" said a relative, and, with hard work, application and genuine, natural talent, Maisie Morris has worked diligently to make it so. She is resourceful and determined to do what it takes to make this a career in which she will flourish.

Jessica Magson shows us the art of the possible. She works hard to excel in all that she does, be it her Competitive Canoe sport, her personal work or her dedication to her club. She gives back as much as she takes, and she is an example to the many Juniors that benefit from her coaching. We feel very proud to support such a superb athlete and role model.

Clearly, Emmanuel Odubanjo is a level-headed man, balancing the achievements of his chosen events of Triple-Jump with his interest in future professional endeavours. Always strive for the best, be it spikes, art or pilot skills.


2017 gave us some absolutely exceptional candidates, whose determination to succeed, despite hardship and deprivation, has shined tthrough. Also outstanding has been the dedication of their families and club supporters who have been determined to help them realise their potential.

There are many who dream, and there are the very special few like Classical and Modern Dance Trainee Emily Harrison, who do whatever it takes to make their dreams a reality. Emily has demonstrated her skill and dedication, and we feel very privileged to be able to help in some small way, although it is clear that she will attain her goals and make her dreams a reality.

In her personal statement, Ellwyn Yardley said this. "When I am dancing I feel I can express what I feel, rather than trying to find the words to fit what I am trying to say." Eloquence comes in many forms and, in Ellwyn's case, it is in music, dance and physical expression. Carry on and show the world how beautiful it is to communicate through the joy of movement and grace.

Pole vaulter Victoria Barlow is clearly a high achiever. She aims for the stars and strives to be the best in all that she does. She will achieve great things in life, in sport and in her career. We are proud to be able to help her along her path to excellence in her chosen sport.

Young Sprint Champion, Jona  Efoloko, continues his march, or should we say 'sprint', toward the highest level of National and International sporting achievement. We have no doubts that he will be a star of his chosen sport, and we look forward to watching him burn up the track at International Sports Competitions.

Clearly, Olivia Head’s  passion for her roles in Theatre and Drama and her natural abilities mark her out as an outstanding and spell-binding performer. She is clearly destined for a successful career in theatre, and we look forward to seeing her in future starring roles.

Kaine Ward  is one of twelve from the thousands who apply each year to be accepted at the famed Julliard School of Dance and Drama in New York. This speaks volumes for his talent, determination and courage. He will make us all proud of his achievements.

Jaime-Leigh Whitaker has sustained her motivation and determination to reach the top of her sport discipline of Judo. Even as she reaches for the highest honours, she still finds time to train and inspire younger members of her club. She is an inspiration to her club and her sport.

Jay Jobarteh cares so much for all those around him, but now it is time for him to achieve his own dream, no matter what others may say or think. He will dance from his heart and give joy to his audiences for many years to come.

Emily Bainbridge's  passion and ambition shines through, and the quality of her performance touches all those who watch her. There is no doubt that, one day, she will shine on the West End stage and beyond.



It has been another fantastic year, with some amazing young people looking for Grants to help them fulfil their dreams. We were very privileged to be able to help some of them.

16 year Old Amy Maxwell-Smith is making progress as a Singles Figure Skater. We were impressed by Amy's dedication to her sport and the tough training regime to which she commits. Equally, we recognise the support and commitment of her family and coaching team to help her realise her ambitions.

Leah Doherty’s experience and dedication from an early age in Musical Theatre shows her commitment to a profession that she clearly loves. Her decision to take a teaching qualification to help out over quiet periods shows a level head and realistic view of life ahead.

In reading Canoe Slalom Athlete Jessica Magson’s personal statement and the endorsements of those who support and encourage her, we are truly awed and inspired by her dedication and her achievements. We have no doubts that she is destined to be a superstar in her chosen sport, and we look forward to celebrating her future success.

The personal story of Drama and Dance student Shea Watterson shows us that focus, hard work and dedication can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. He will go all the way, and bring us all joy in his performances, but we hope that he will also take some time to show others that they, too, can achieve their dreams if they, like him, are prepared to do what it takes to make their dreams a reality.

We are very proud to be able to support once again Judo Junior Champion Eric Ham. Eric's progress and achievements speak for themselves. He is determined to be at the Japan Olympics 2020, and we will follow his progress with great interest and excitement.

Kelly Manning’s love of Musical Theatre shines through. We are impressed that she wants to perform professionally, but she also wants to pass on her passion and enthusiasm through teaching of Dance.

It is young people like young Ice Dance and Figure Skater Lily Matthias that inspired us to start our charity. She is so young, yet so talented, dedicated, and determined to reach the heights of her chosen sport. We see, in her, a future International Champion, and we will be very proud to be able to say we helped in some small way to allow her to realise her dreams and her potential.

The enthusiastic endorsement of her Music Theatre College reflects Hope Thompson’s hard work and dedication. Her prior training and on-stage experience has clearly prepared her for a successful career in Musical Theatre and Dance, and we are delighted to be able to assist with funding for specialist training.

In three short years, Canoe Slalom Athlete Kurts Adams Rosentals has shown that he has the talent and dedication to reach International Stardom in his chosen sport. We look forward to seeing him represent his country at the highest level in future World events.

Music Theatre Trainee Connor Kelly is, clearly, a highly-motivated and determined young man. He works hard, not just at his Theatre studies, but also to earn enough to support himself. He is already sharing his love of Dance with other young people, and his enthusiasm will inspire them.


It has been another tough year, with so many wonderful young people vying for a grant to help them fulfil their dreams of success in their chosen field of Arts and Sports. As usual, we had to make some difficult decisions, but there were also some stand-outs.

Chloe Hammond is studying to complete her course in Dance and Musical Theatre. Chloe has shown great determination and dedication in funding herself to fulfil her dreams and ambitions, and she clearly has the love and support of her family. The Grant is to be used to fund Singing Lessons and dance attire such as Pointe shoes.

Fourteen year old Athletics Competitor Naomi Ogbeta’s sporting abilities and her achievements are there for all to see, but we see also a great commitment to community service and her interest in wider issues. She will undoubtedly achieve great results in both her sports career and in the wider community. Her grant is to be used to fund Gym membership, pay for sport-related equipment and attire and any specialist Physiotherapy.

Lywis Cowles is a talented Dancer. Lywis is clearly a multi-talented individual. He recognises his strengths but he is also willing to recognise where he needs to improve and is willing to take action to do so. He will use his grant to fund Gym membership and additional Ballet lessons.

Georgia Pickles is a promising Pole Vaulter.Georgia is a remarkable young person by any measure. Her flexibility, determination and resilience in the face of setbacks marks her out as someone who will achieve remarkable results in her career. Her grant will be used to purchase specialist equipment for personal use as well as supporting services such as Physiotherapy.

Kiera Lane is studying Musical Theatre Performance. We were impressed with Kiera's dedication and determination since an early age to perform. She constantly seeks to improve her performance skills and widen her experience. She can now fund additional singing lessons, books and theatre visits.

Eve Phillips is heading for a successful career in performing arts. Eve has recognised the importance of formal training as well as performing experience. This will give her the stamina as well as the skills to pursue a successful career in theatre. She will purchase supporting equipment and attire such as dance shoes and leotards.

This is the second time we have had the privilege of supporting Rower Paul Sunderland. Paul has continued to compete and succeed alongside his University studies. We have no doubt that he is destined for international stardom in his chosen sport. He will now be able to replace his travel-damaged boat with a new Slalam canoe Kayak and associated equipment.

Ciara Waterfield's dedication, passion and enthusiasm for performing shines through. She took a brave step going straight to Drama school after GCSE, but we have no doubt that this will prove to have been a great decision. Her determination will carry her through, and we look forward, one day, to seeing her perform in the West End. Her grant is to be used to fund non-fee expenses such as dance gear, books and performance tickets.

Michael Scotland's talent obviously runs in the family, but this has put additional challenges before him as he strives to fulfil his dreams. However, his determination and focus will ensure that he completes his studies and becomes a professional performer. His grant will finance dance gear and additional acting lessons.

Josie Gould is completing her studies in dance and musical theatre. Josie has already demonstrated that she is talented enough to work as a professional. Her plans to take a DDI qualification shows that she is thinking sensibly about the future, and her plan to teach as well as perform will allow her to share her passion. She will now be able to fund additional singing lessons and dance attire.

Faizal Akindele is clearly a multi-talented young man, but his vision extends beyond the realm of theatre. We suspect that his training and talent will take him on many an unexpected journey and that he will use his talents to spread joy far afield. His grant is to be used to fund dance attire, additional singing lessons and performance tickets. 


There has been quite a spread of talent this year in a number of different fields of expertise. This always makes the choice of successful candidates more challenging. We have been able to give several extra grants this year due to extra income from fundraising.

Amy Munden is working towards a career in Musical Theatre. Amy is clearly not only talented, but focused and determined. She is doing  DDI Dance Teacher's exam training after hours. It  is a wise move, as it could provide an extra income stream for her. Her college is clearly very impressed with all aspects of her work, and speaks very highly of her.

Sarah McKeever is a talented, young pole vaulter. We took, for us, an unusual step of giving Sarah a larger grant than she requested. We did so because we recognise and celebrate her dedication and determination, despite setbacks such as injury, to be the very best that she can be. Her plan to take a gap year proved that she really is determined to make her mark. With this attitude and outlook, she most certainly will.

Taylor Broome is a student in Drama and Dance. Taylor has demonstrated by her actions from a very early age that she has a passion, talent and determination to take up a career in Theatre. She recognises where she needs to improve, and she is taking the necessary actions to make the improvements. This shows true dedication to her artistic future.

Jona Efoloko  is a very talented sprinter. He has reached National Ranking Under 15 (indoors),  No1 at 60metres and No1 at 200metres. Jona is clearly a natural and gifted athlete. He deserves to be seen at every level. With dedication and hard work, he can make it to the top levels of his sport.

Dean Wright is working towards a Diploma in Professional Dance. We were impressed not only by Dean's obvious enthusiasm, but also his willingness to give of his time voluntarily to pass on his love of dance to others.

Kelly Chadwick is a very promising sprinter and long jumper. She is already a Key member of her club’s' Young Athletes Development League Championship winning team. She was Bronze medalist at under 15 100meters in 2014 English Schools Championships. Kelly shows great dedication, even at this young age. Kelly's achievements to date show her potential. Her plan is realistic and achievable.

Beth Mitchell has just started her first year to achieve qualifications in dance and musical theatre. She has shown great courage and determination to reach this level, having danced and performed from an early age.

Eric Ham has clearly continued successfully along his planned road to the represent UK in Judo at the 2020 Olympics. His focus and dedication will take him there, and he is a shining example to all young, aspiring sports-people.

Ashlee Young is studying for a career in Professional Musical Theatre. Ashlee has shown great commitment and ability since an early age. Her commitment to Modern Dance DDI Teaching shows a desire to put something back.

Tom Nelson is an accomplished, competitive swimmer. He hopes to attend a Team GB Swimming overseas training camp. Tom's dedication to his chosen sport shines through. His goal to reach the Olympics is achievable, and he has shown that he has the will and the drive to make it happen.

Carla Stapleton is determined to be successful in Dance and Theatre.Carla makes us all look on with admiration as she has come so far despite many difficulties. She has supported herself with part-time work, and done everything that needs to be done to make her dream a reality. When she makes it, which she surely will, we hope that she makes her story known so that others like her will be inspired.

Abigail Sefton excels at Water Polo, and is already playing at a high level. We look forward to seeing Abigail's name on the GB Water Polo team at many future, prestigious events, because, with her drive and work ethic, she will surely achieve her goals.


Chloe Jones is a true musical theatre triple threat. She says ‘The excitement, thrill and passion of Musical Theatre has shaped me into who I am and the performer I want to become. Music, dance and drama have enabled me to express myself confidently, lucidly and emotionally where appropriate, and the act of performing on the stage is to me like ‘coming home’. I am ambitious and determined to reach for the top and I am fully prepared to work hard in order to fulfil my aspirations.’ We know she will!!

Suzanna Bolter is working towards an accredited qualification in Professional Musical Theatre. She has already taken a number of lead roles and has danced since a very early age.  She hopes, one day, to teach as well as perform. 


It never gets easier!! Particularly in the first half of the year, we had some very difficult decisions to make, as a large number of applicants all competed for our grants. Our grant fund is finite, so we had to look very carefully at future as well as current potential.

George Caddick  is a talented 400M runner who trains and  runs with Sale Harriers. At 18 years of age, he has competed at Commonwealth Youth Games and British Athletics League Premier Division (Senior Level). English Schools Champion. He is ranked No2 (Under 20). We appreciated that his grant applications was highly targeted towards his professional objectives that will take him directly into professional training and high profile event preparation and exposure.

Ice Skater Genevieve Somerville is age 10 and she is on the National development squad team. She is currently 3 years ahead of the age development requirements criteria for the selection for the National Team. She has reached the talented athlete development milestones for the 12+ age a lot earlier and has been chosen to get higher specialist coaching/training with National coaches. The fact that she has impressed so as to break down barriers of age requirement and catch the eye of senior coaches validates evidence of her talent. We believe that our grant at this early stage in her career provides a clear platform for skills development which may give her the edge in the future.

Jack Kidd is a talented Rower. We appreciated his devotion to training both in his own boat and in the club’s rowing machine on loan. We were keen to support him to attend as many competitions as possible to hone his skills and realise his potential.

Eric Ham is a 15 year old Judo competitor. The endorsement of an independent coach was important to us. It is clear that an exposure at his first European Cup will be a catalyst to career progression. The grant will fund appropriate new clothing which is a requisite to his training and performance.

Oliver Drakeford has just finished his GCSEs and hopes to attend a University where he can continue to develop his passion for rowing. We appreciated his honesty about his career goals, continuing to row competitively and professionally alongside his university degree and selection of colleges/universities that are particularly supportive of the sport.

Figure Skater Lowri Jones is only fourteen but already has all the potential and possesses every ingredient to win gold medals for Great Britain in the future. She has shown this by her fast progression through the Levels. Her burning ambition is to compete in the Winter Olympics. Lowri’s achievements and continued dedication to her sport marked her out as a very special candidate. We appreciated how important it is that she continues to be coached at a high level. We felt that attendance at major UK-based competitions was important to ensure that her talent is recognised and acknowledged. Our grant will help fund her attendance at these competitions.

Seventeen year old Lauren Stone is a Dance and Drama student. It was clear from Lauren’s personal statement how passionate, dedicated and determined she is to pursue her dream. We felt that her plan to develop her singing will give her a more rounded set of skills, and we wished to support that aspect of her training.

Theatrical Studies student Anastasia Bunce’s combination of performing and creative talents make her an exceptional candidate, and the award of her drama school  year 10 prizes confirms this. We believe that the combination of her family theatrical background and her clear vision of where she wants to be in the future will ensure her success.

Talented Golfer, Haydn McCullen has shown his potential and commitment from an early age. The Trustees were particularly impressed by his dedication to his sport and his achievements to date. We see that he has the potential to reach the highest levels of professional and national status in his chosen sport.

Olivia Massey has recognised early on what she wants to achieve in Arts and Theatre, and has had the determination and the spark to turn her dreams into reality. We have no doubt that she will achieve her goals because she has the talent and the vision. Clearly, all at ARTSED believe in her, and so do we.

Jazmin Dick is an exceptional young lady to have earned the praise and respect of her teachers at her Theatre and Dance school. Her acceptance at London Studio Centre to continue her training proves her abilities and her determination to progress in her chosen field.

When we are evaluating applications, we often look for candidates who are a little bit different and have chosen to celebrate their abilities in non-conventional ways. Creative Arts Student Xaviera Black's determination to let her creative talents speak  and communicate in ways that transcend words moves us. We hope that Xaviera will continue to follow her Heart, and be what she wants to be. 


As usual, our 2012 applicant list was large and varied. There was a noticeable increase in applications for our larger grants. Applications were of a high quality which made our decision making very challenging. Congratulations, therefore, to all of this year’s recipients for standing out in an exceptional field.

Zanele Mpofu is a Member and Junior Coach at a major North-West Cheerleader group. She has won awards and recognition at national level, and is considered to be an Outstanding contributor to her club. The Trustees liked the fact that Zanele is committed to working towards her coaching qualifications and that she will use her expertise to bring many more youngsters into this entertaining and challenging hobby and sport. Zanele will use her grant to finance her Cheerleader Coaching Training and Qualification

Lowri Jones is a young Ice Skater. At twelve years old, she has already been accepted on the National Development Pathway team, which recognises National and International potential. She is already committed and successful in her field.  We recognized that the training with a coach of International standing is clearly important.  She does needs to compete in events to make the national squad. Lowri’s grant will be used to finance Specialist Coaching and Competition costs.

Jack Smith initially came to the attention of his school sports club as a swimmer, but switched from swimming to rowing where he has found his natural talent. He is already winning National Titles in his age group. We clearly recognized Jack’s talent and achievements to date, and understand the benefit to him of his own, tailored equipment. Jack will use his grant to purchase a set of Tailored Oars.

Lauren Rammell is a talented singer, dancer and actress. Lauren’s talents are clear and demonstrable, having appeared in many productions, including ‘Les Miserables’. We know how expensive her training can be, but we are convinced that she has done all that she can to raise funds, and we are pleased to be able to contribute. Lauren will use her grant to support her first year of professional training.

Haydn McCullen is an outstanding young golfer. Haydn has shown his potential and commitment from an early age. The Trustees were particularly impressed by his dedication to his sport and his achievements to date. We see that he has the potential to reach the highest levels of professional and national status in his chosen sport. Haydn will use his grant to fund his professional coaching and attendance at major competitions.


2011 saw us continue to receive a steady flow of high-quality applications. In our evaluations, we look for past commitment, a clear plan for the future and a full understanding of how a grant from the Trust will help the young person to realise their dreams and aspirations.

Ahtollah Rose has been training as a multi-disciplined athlete since she was 9 years old. Now a long-jump specialist, she has come to the attention of the England team selectors with jumps of well over 12M. Her grant will help with specialist Physiotherapy fees replacement kit.

Josh Farrand is truly an inspiration. Enrolled in a Martial Arts class aged five to boost his social confidence and help him to fight his severe asthma, no one could have predicted that Josh would progress to be British karate Champion and a member of the England team. As well as attending a tough training regime, Josh is also studying for his ‘A’ Levels and hopes to go on to study medicine. His grant will help fund attendance at the European championships and world championships in the next few months.

Twelve-year-old Jade Stedford has already reached ‘Elite’ status in National Artistic Gymnastics and is an Olympic hopeful for 2016. She is already competing at International Level, Her grant will fund her equipment, clothing, attendance and accommodation at International Competitions.

Roy Ejiakuekwu is 16 and is a short-distance sprint specialist. His sights are set on the 2016 Olympics, and his record at under-17 level where he has recorded the 2nd all-time fastest time at 150 meters speaks volumes for his abilities. His grant will be used to provide equipment and allow him to cover training expenses.

Lucie Campbell is a very special young lady. Since her early years, her ambition has been to be a Musical Theatre performer. Now 18, she has gained a place at the famed ‘Laine’ theatre school to do a three-year National Diploma in Musical Theatre studies. Lucie has fought serious illness and has always done what was needed to ensure that she kept her dream alive. We feel very privileged to be able to give Lucie a grant to secure her first year at ‘Laine’ and we wish her every success.

We have been very proud to support Katie Byres in the past, and we are very excited that she has decided to train full-time to achieve a place in the England Pole-Vault team for this year’s Olympics. She has already achieved wins in competition against much older athletes this year, and is within just a few centimeters of Olympic Qualifying height. Our grant will help fund her preparations for this momentous occasion of the 2012 Olympics here in the UK.

16 year old Chloe Jones commutes regularly from her home in North Wales to train at Sale Harriers. She specializes now in Triple-jump and Hurdles and has achieved a number of wins at Regional and National level. Her grant will cover travel expenses to training and also some new kit.


2010 saw some very good applications, and we were able to make a slightly larger number of awards this year.

Laura Cruxton who is a young, talented Rower at Trentham Rowing Club. Her £4,000 grant will buy her a single scull boat so she can train full-time.

15-year old Greg Appleby is already a junior champion Pole Vaulter, and is a member of Sale Harriers. His £1,000 grant will go towards high quality vaulting poles of the correct size for his current age and size.

We helped Katie Byres, another promising Pole Vaulter at Sale Harriers last year. This year, her £500 grant allowed her trainer to travel with her to Singapore, where Katie represented Great Britain at the Youth Olympics.

Claudia Cagna was a grant recipient two years ago. Her grant of £2,500 has secured her future for this year to continue her Dance and Theatre Studies at London Artsed.

Olivia Callaghan is 16 and is a promising Young Sprinter at Sale Harriers. Her grant of £750 will go towards cost of equipment and competition expenses.

Sabrina-Jean Hughes is a star pupil at London Artsed and ‘Student of the Year - 2010’, studying ‘drama, dance and Musical Theatre. Her £1,500 grant will make up the shortfall in her Bursary for this year to complete her studies.

The ‘Rob Roy’ boat club in Cambridge is a new Organization to us. Their talented young rower, Angus McCluskie has already been singled out by Sir Steven Redgrave as a future champion. His grant of £2,500 will cover equipment, training and competition expenses.


Lee Harrison

a talented Rower from Trentham Rowing club. His grant bought a state-of-the-art single rowing scul.

Clovis Asong

This Talented 14-yer-old runner of Sale Harriers has an exciting future ahead of him, and is already breaking records.

Katie Byres

Katie is a talented pole-vaulter, and the grant will buy her top-quality equipment.

Sabrina-Jean Hughes

The grant will help Sabrina-Jean complete her studies at the London Arts Educational.

Katie Porter  

Katie is a talented dancer and performer. The grant will help her to realise her dream to attend Theatre school.


George Samson

A young street dancer, George subsequently went on to win the ‘Britain’s got Talent’ TV show.

Katie Wilson

a Theatre Studies Student in her final year at the Italia Conti School.

Rebekah Wilson

a promising young athlete at Sale Harriers.

Paul Sutcliffe

a talented, young Rower at Trentham Canoe Club, for whome we bought a ‘Junior Canoe’.

Emilie Sutcliffe

a young pupil at the Hammond Theatre School in Chester.

Claudia Cagna

a young student at the London Arts Educational College.


We also donated a flute to the music department of Withington Girls’ School


A young skater who shows considerable promise. Subsequent to her grant, she won a prestigious junior skating title.

A young, Scottish Archery prodigy. The grant enabled her to travel to Europe to compete in her first Adult Competition.

A young design Student. Her grant paid for a Summer School course. Her end-of-course report gave her glowing references.

Unusually, we also gave a grant to an inner-city project called Hackney Quest. This project has built and made available a music tuition and recording studio for Hackney’s less-privileged young people who show talent for any aspect of music


Two young Tennis players to help fund their coaching.

Purchase of an Oboe for a School Band. This will encourage young people to take up the instrument.

A talented young swimmer who is already representing England in youth swimming Championships. The grant has contributed to his competition travel costs.

A bright, young artist who aspires to be an Architect. His grant will help fund purchase of essential equipment and a visit to the Royal Institute of British Architects Headquarters.

Kaine is one of twelve from the thousands who apply each year to be accepted at the famed Julliard School of Dance and Drama in New York. This speaks volumes for his talent, determination and courage. He will make us all proud of his achievements.