Current Recipients.

Another year, and another batch of outstanding candidates to select. As ever, it was no easy task to pick out the most deserving applicants from the many that we received. To those who we had to refuse, we say “Keep on with your dreams and you will succeed. The fact that your host Organisation considered you worthy to be put forward speaks volumes about your qualities and abilities. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and keep reaching for the stars.”

Maisy Steggles says that that her favourite dance is 'Tap', and that she wants to be famous at dancing. She is young and the whole world is before her. She must believe in herself, work hard at what she loves and make her dreams come true.

Liani Samuel has committed herself to the study and practice of performing arts from an early age. Her talent and skill have clearly been recognised already. She should complete her education in performing arts and go on to delight us all with her performances.

Aaron Wood shows us all the way with his commitment to hard work, dedication and the will to do what it takes to make his dreams a reality. His future studies at a premier Conservatoire will round him off as a performer and launch him on what will, no doubt, be a successful career in the Theatre.

Kurts Adams Rozentals is already recognised as a potential competitor in Canoe Slalom at National and International level. His cool head and measured approach to his races have brought success and the promise of future titles. He deserves the very best of equipment to support his efforts.

"You were born to be on-Stage" said a relative, and, with hard work, application and genuine, natural talent, Maisie Morris has worked diligently to make it so. She is resourceful and determined to do what it takes to make this a career in which she will flourish.

Jessica Magson shows us the art of the possible. She works hard to excel in all that she does, be it her Competitive Canoe sport, her personal work or her dedication to her club. She gives back as much as she takes, and she is an example to the many Juniors that benefit from her coaching. We feel very proud to support such a superb athlete and role model.

Clearly, Emmanuel Odubanjo is a level-headed man, balancing the achievements of his chosen events of Triple-Jump with his interest in future professional endeavours. Always strive for the best, be it spikes, art or pilot skills.