Current Recipients.

2019 was an outstanding year for us as was the quality of the applicants that our wonderful Arts and Sports Organisations chose to put forward. We tried, wherever possible, to recognise the talent of our wonderful candidates by assigning a grant, even if it was not quite the amount that they were looking for. Even with this strategy, there were those who, regretfully, we had to turn down, but this in no way diminishes the achievements that made them worthy of nomination by their host Organisations. We salute you all and wish you every success in your chosen fields.

Here are some details of this year’s successful candidates.

Cameron-James Bailey impressed us all with his attitude and his determination to succeed in Classical Ballet and Professional dance despite setbacks. His talent and commitment shines through, but we also noted his humanity and compassion. He is a very special person and we are very honoured to be able to support him.

It is wonderful that Alana Middleton has found a sport and a hobby in Kayak Canoe that she loves and in which she excels. She should determine to be the very best that she can be in her chosen sport, and watch the others trail in her wake.

The open water challenges Finley Croome in Canoe Slalom, and he must respond by beating the water every time, and becoming the best that he can be.

We are happy that Katie Greaves has found a sport in Kayak and White Water Canoe that suits her and challenges her. She should make the most of her opportunities ,and be the best that she can be, both in her sport and in the rest of her life.

Homework Vs Canoeing-- we can see that Harry Kirby understands the importance of balancing his commitment to his chosen sport with his other life commitments. He should strive to be the best he can be in all aspects of his life, and we hope that his coaching aspirations allow him to inspire others as he inspires us.

We only hope that our addition to Trezeguet Taylor’s growing list of those who admire and respect her dedication and achievements to her Track and Field Athletics will show her that her dream to represent her country at the Olympics is within her reach. We hope that she continues on her path and makes it happen.

Daniel Afolabi’s Athletics ambitions and achievements speak for themselves, but he must continue to work with his coaches to ensure that he achieves peak performance and does not over-reach himself. His drive and his own commitment will then show the way.

Marcus Maclean need not worry about other athletes in his field of Athletics. He must aim to be the very best that he can be, and just watch the others drop behind him. Then, one day, he can coach others to realise their full potential as well.

Jerel Livingston has impressed us with his dedication and application to his Athletics Track and Field Events, despite a busy school life. His work / life balance will help him to achieve greatness in his chosen sports and all that he strives to achieve.

Halle Ferguson’s dedication to her Athletics shines through, as she travels many times a week to receive the best training. This has paid off handsomely as she now starts to see results that promise a bright future for her. We are very proud to be able to support Halle.

Alfie Boote has overcome many physical and other challenges to achieve impressive results in his chosen sport of Canoe Slalom. Alfie shows us that anyone can achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality if they are prepared to put in what it takes to make them so. We can all learn so much from Alfie's example.

Jay, Jobarte has shown great courage and resourcefulness to pursue his passion for Dance and Theatre Performance. He has raised his head above the noise of stereotype and determined to pursue his dream of a career in Dance and Theatre. Jay shows us how grace and determination win the day.